“Eligible Return Core” means a Return Core that is able to be overhauled as determined by HET in its reasonable discretion, which excludes any Return Core that has rust, weld repairs, missing parts, or was re-assembled with used parts. An Eligible Return Core is a unit/component “as removed” from the aircraft notwithstanding certain missing parts identified below, and HET may reduce the Core Charge credit applicable by the percentages identified below on a cumulative basis (provided, however, in no event shall the reduction be more than 100%).


Starter Core Charge Backs

DescriptionPercentage Core Charge
Hardware (Missing)5%
Gear Missing or Sub-Shaft Damaged10%
Armature Frozen/Binding or Switch Missing20%
Lever (Missing)22%
Armature (Missing)25%
Drive End Housing (Damaged/Missing)35%
End Frames-Elongated Bolt Holes (Missing)35%
Housing or Locating Pins (Damaged)35%
Intermediate Fear Hsg. (Damaged/Missing)35%

Starter Adapter Core Charge Backs

DescriptionPercentage Core Charge
Damaged or Cracked Housing50%
Damaged or Cracked Cover25%
Scrap Shaft25%